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Is this your first visit with us?

Find out which appointment is best suited for your visit... 

New Full Skin Check (FotoFinder) 

A comprehensive full body skin check using the latest total body photo imaging technology by Fotofinder. Further detailed dermoscopic exam, with advice and treatment plan, if required.

$275, you will receive a medicare rebate from this amount.


New Spot Check  (1 - 2 lesions only)

An in depth examination of your requested lesions in query. Treatment plan and advice given, if required.  Strictly 1-2 lesions only.

$165, you will receive a medicare rebate from this amount.


Cosmetic Lesion Removal

This appointment includes treatments such as cryotherapy, mole, wart and tag removal. Starting from $50.  

Medicare rebates do not apply. 


Surgical Procedures

This appointment is usually scheduled after your initial consultation once a treatment plan for surgical excision has been arranged. These procedures are done in rooms and fees start at $350 with varied medicare rebates applied. 


Wrinkle Treatments

Wrinkle treatments are administered by Dr Danika Fietz.  These treatments can assist in temporary smoothing of facial lines and wrinkles, relieving jaw pain due to teeth grinding or clenching, excessive sweating, as well as balancing the action of certain muscles, for instance, elevating eyebrow arch. 

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The future is total body dermoscopy...

Full body skin diagnostics for early skin cancer detection

FotoFinder helps you to document the entire skin and individual moles over time and to detect pathological changes as early as possible.

Fotofinder total body photography mole mapping technology AI skin cancer
Dermoscopy device features and benefits with FotoFinder
fully intergrated Dermoscopy handheld device with FotoFinder equipment- Dermoscope
FotoFinder listed benefits and explanation
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